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Newcastle March and Rally - Stop Bombing Syria!

Newcastle Vigils - Stop Bombing Syria

National Demonstration - Stop Bombing Syria

Newcastle Protest Says Don't Bomb Syria!

Don't Bomb Syria - Day of Action in South Shields

March & Rally It's Time for a Peoples' Autumn Statement

Lobby - Cameron Hands Off Syria

Report on Meeting Western Wars and the refugee crisis

Report and Motions of Stop the War Annual General Meeting, 2015

Stop the War Statement on Yemen

Anti-Pegida March and Rally

Newcastle Meeting Condemns Islamaphobia and the War on Terror

Mick Bowman Member of Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign arrested by Israeli Army

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The Journal Publishes Attack On Anti-War Gaza Activist - November 2014

Parliament votes for war - September 26, 2014

Statement of the Newcastle Stop the War Coalition September 24, 2014

Don't bomb Iraq, Don't bomb Syria. Lobby your MP

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Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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