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Mick Bowman Newcastle Palestinian Solidarity Campaign speaking from the Palestinian West Bank
at the Meeting hosted by Newcastle Stop the War  - Thursday November 16th
Report of the meeting


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Today, the Stop the War Coalition has to continually expose, and fight against the endless false flags and false justifications given by the big powers for their increasing indirect and direct military interventions. This has happened in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Syria and now Ukraine. These days the Anglo-US/NATO military expansion in eastern Europe to the borders of Russia is causing a new provocative and dangerous military/nuclear war situation on the borders of Russia. The US, Britain and NATO are using Ukraine to wage a proxy war against Russia as well as trying to provoke China in East Asia. 

The Stop the War Coalition not only stands against all war but our main task is  to oppose the warmongering of the British Government as part of the US and NATO alliance. We  must continue to make a contribution for peace in the world by fighting for an anti-war government here in Britain, for Britain to get out of NATO and whilst opposing war everywhere.  Get involved and join in its vital work!

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March and Rallies for Palestine in Newcastle

On Saturday October 28 Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign organised its fourth action to stand with the Palestinian people. This was the largest and first demonstration.  Thousands marched from the Civic Centre to the Monument. This followed the emergency rally which had taken place on Monday October 9th at the Monument. Then another rally at the Monument on Saturday October 14th attended by hundreds followed by a rally at the BBC HQ in Newcastle the following Saturday when at the same time hundreds of thousands gathered in London on October 21 with protests across Britain and worldwide.  Newcastle Stop the War has also been taking part in these actions with activists joining activists in the NPSC  to help organise these events and enable thousands to express their solidarty with the Palestinan people and their resistance to the genocidal crimes of the Israeli state.  Many Jewish people have also joined these protests to demand that Israel stop the bomnbing of Gaza and demand an immediate ceasefire.

Pam Wortley from Newcastle Stop the War has spoken at these events. The following is the very well received speech she gave at Newcastle Monument Rallly on Saturday October 28 following the demonstration:
NSW Speech at the Rally


Newcastle Conference Report

The World At War & The Movement For Peace
A Trade Union Issue

On Saturday May 20, Newcastle  Stop the War held a conference to discuss the vital importance of involving workers and their trade unions in building the movement against war and for peace in Britain.  The conference was organised by Newcastle Stop the War and supported by Newcastle Trade Union Council, the NEU Northern Region and South Tyneside Trade Union Council.
See full report of the conference and speeches

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Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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