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Fake Political Theatre and Not Election - Mohammad N Asif

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Petition to Support British soldier refusing to fight in Afghanistan

24 October 2009: Landmark Afghanistan demonstration

Stop the War's demonstration on 24 October 2009 brought the centre of London to a standstill. It was a landmark demonstration, led by Lance Corporal Joe Glenton -- the first serving soldier in the British army to join an anti-war march.

The march brought together at least 10,000 protestors from across Britain, calling for all British troops to be brought home. Joining Joe Glenton at its head were ex-soldiers, a number of military families, -- including Peter Brierley, who earlier this month refused to shake Tony Blair's hand, saying it had "my son's blood on it" -- and 104-year-old peace campaigner Hetty Bower. The march took place on the day that a new poll showed that almost two-thirds of people in Britain want all British troops withdrawn from Afghanistan and 86 per cent believe the war is being lost. Joe Glenton is facing court martial for refusing to return to Afghanistan. He defied a direct order by his commanding officer to come on the march, for which he may well face further charges.

Voices of conscience: Matthew Hoh and L/Cpl Joe Glenton Sometimes it's the more junior government employees who have the strength of character and courage to tell their Presidents and Prime Ministers when they and their policies have no clothes.


Naming of the Dead soldiers and Afghan people
at Newcastle Monument - December 9th 2009

Photos: Rachel

Sunderland - Naming the Dead - December 9, 2009
Sunderland Vigil
Photo: DD


The hundredth British soldier to die in Afghanistan this year because Gordon Brown and the other big parties refuse to learn the lessons of history: that the people of Afghanistan and other countries that they invade will never accept occupation by foreign powers. That the people of Britain want to play a role as peacemakers in the world and not warmongers. Firstly, by removing British troops from foreign soil. They want an anti-war government not a pro war government. Gordon Brown says that Lance Corporal Alan Drane, 23, the 100th dead soldier this year died to safeguard Britain against terrorist attack. But no Afghan has ever attacked Britain, or any other country. Britain has invaded Afghanistan many times. It is Britain's role, alongside the US, that is the real threat to peace and security in the world.

By increasing the number of British troops sent to kill and be killed in Afghanistan to over 10,000, Gordon Brown has condemned many more soldiers and countless Afghans to die in this unjustified war.

Bring the Troops Home!

Fight for an Anti-war Government!

Naming the dead 22/08/2009

'Naming the dead' Monument Newcastle on Saturday August 22nd, 2009 after the 200th UK soldier was Killed in Afghanistan. The speakers also named 200 Afghan people also killed to reflect the huge loss of life in Afghanistan and to demand that Britain brings its troops out Afghanistan. The event was organised by Tyneside Stop the War Coaliton and South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition.

Demonstration and Rally Newcastle January 24th 2009

Demonstration and Rally in Newcastle on Saturday January 24th. Over 500 took part in this protest to end the occupation and blockade of Gaza and condemn the government for its justification of the occupation and the war crimes of the Israeli terror state.

Two Sides - One Story: Guantanamo From Both Sides of the Wire

Cage Prisoners Tour Newcastle took place on Thursday January 29 at the University of Newcastle. Around 300 people packed the Auditorium to hear the moving accounts of the speakers MOAZZAM BEGG (Ex-Guantanamo Detainee, Spokesman for Cageprisoners) OMAR DEGHAYES (Ex Guantanamo Detainee ) CHRISTOPHER ARENDT (Ex-Guantanamo Guard). This event is part of the Cage Prisoners national tour to mark seven years of unlawful detention, abuse and torture. TWO SIDES - ONE STORY: GUANTANAMO FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE WIRE is a humanising experience in the face of the most extreme inhumanity that highlights how another world is possible.

Gaza massacre - Emergency Protest On Saturday January 3

On Saturday, January 3rd 2009, hundreds of the peoples took part in powerful protest in Newcastle against the aerial bombardment and pending invasion by the Israeli zionists on Gaza. The demonstration was chaired by Peter Burnett of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. The demonstration at the Monument was addressed by speakers from the platform and from the floor condeming the action of the Israeli government and the complicity in these crimes by the British government who refuse to call for a cessation of the offensive by Israel and clearly agree with the aims, whilst trying to distance themselves from the massacre and destruction of Gaza. Roger Nettleship addressed the Demonstration on behalf of the Stop the war coalition. The statement is linked below. The demonstration called for a continued building of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign in the northeast. Earlier in the day 170 people held a vigil at Durham Cathedral.

No to Israeli War Crimes! Hands Off Gaza!
Statement of Tyneside Stop the War Coalition

Emergency National Demonstration: Saturday 10 January

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On Saturday 10 January, braving the bitter cold 100,000 people took part in the national demonstation called to denounce Israeli Zionism for its war crimes, condemn the British government for its support of the crimes, and pledged to stand as one with the Palestinian people and their resistance. Two Coaches from Tyneside supported by the Northern TUC and UNISON brought 100 people from Tyneside to take part in the march. ..More Photos

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Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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