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Online meeting on the pamphlet No Return to Blair Wars

On May 13 2021, Newcastle Stop the War hosted an online meeting on the pamphlet No Return to Blair Wars. The pamphlet produced by Lindsey German and Andrew Murray for Stop the war, was released in February this year with a foreward by Jeremy Corbyn. Roger Nettleship chairing the meeting welcomed  Lindsey German, the Convenor and one of the founder members of Stop the War Coalition as well as Paul Simpson, academic tutor in Modern History at Sunderland University.  Questions and contributions followed their talks. Twenty people took part in the meeting.

The pamphlet is a very important contribution to removing the veil of the warmongers in the leadership of the Labour Party and opposing the pro-war consensus in Parliament since Jeremy Corbyn stepped down as Labour Party leader. At this time, much of the discussion was centred on the inability of the Labour Party leaders to provide any support for the  Palestinians against Israel's continued illegal occupation and its criminal ethnic cleansing of their land. The meeting concluded with the call to  mobilise for the rally in Newcastle in support of the Palestinians on May 15, as part of the national day of action in London and other cities as well as world wide.
Pamphlet No Return to Blair Wars can be downloaded as a pdf
Listen to the speakers:
Lindsey German
Paul Simpson

Tyne & Wear May Day 2021

On May 1 2021, a number of  activists from Newcastle Stop the War Coalition took part in the online Tyne & Wear May Day Rally and contributed to its success. Tony Dowling led a discussion on the unemployment fight back and Dave Mcallister contributed to the event with songs of the workers movement, including one he has written.  During the international session Alex Snowdon, the secretary spoke as Chair of the Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign and spoke on the struggle of the Palestine people and of the importance of joining their work. Roger Nettleship, Chair of Newcastle Stop the War spoke on the importance of joining the anti-war movement in Newcastle.  The rally was chaired by Martin Levy and organised by the Tyne & Wear May Day Committee, part of Newcastle Trades Union Council.  A big thanks to their work in continuing this important event and organising some wonderful footage of past May Days and most importantly in taking the May Day march and rally forward into the future. 
Audio files: Audio of the contribution of Alex Snowdon
Audio of the contribution of Roger Nettleship

Songs of Dave Macallister

Recording of full Tyne & Wear May Day Rally 2021

North East Meeting held on the Assange Case

On February 23 2021, a very well attended webinar meeting was hosted by Newcastle Stop the War and the County Association of Trade Union Councils to support the immediate release of Julian Assange. Speakers addressing the meeting were Tariq Ali, writer, journalist, historian, Yvonne Ridley, Journalist, author & TV presenter, Alan Mardghum, secretary Durham Miners Association, David Baines, Newcastle National Union of Journalists branch chair and a representative of Teeside Amnesty International. The meeting was chaired by Daniel Kebede.

Report of online meeting of the Book Launch

The War Lawyers: The United States, Israel and Juridical Warfare

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On Wednesday February 10, Newcastle Stop the War and the Newcastle University Politics, Space, and Power Research Cluster sponsored a book launch, by Dr Craig Jones, Lecturer in Political Geography, Newcastle University, of his book The War Lawyers: The United States, Israel and Juridical Warfare.

The online meeting was introduced by Nick Megoran and chaired by Pam Wortley and attended by over 50 people including University students. It opened with Alex Snowdon, Newcastle Stop the War speaking on the ongoing War on Terror and the Stop the War movement.  He said the context for the book was the "war on terror" which had become in many ways a "war of terror"  and also the war of Israel on Palestine. He said these wars were  and are really brutal and could not be claimed to be about "human interests" but about imperialist self interest for Washington.  He said it was necessary to dress them up as something that they are not and dress them up as "humanitarian".  He concluded by saying getting our ideas and facts across with todays event is an important part of raising awareness and we have a particular responsibility to deal with Blair's legacy of support for the US today.

Craig then presented his examination of the laws of war interpreted and applied by military lawyers since the time of the US defeat in the Vietnam war and the need for these powerful states to try and give their bombing campaigns and wars "legality" in international law since that time. The book is about lawyers in the war room and how the military now can't move without them in their wars and the "kill chain" in operations carried out by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Israel military in Gaza.  Why is it?  What are the consequences?  He ended with  talking about the anti-war movement  and the need to  get away from confining the question to law because it is a slippery slope to some moral and legal language that justifies and diverts from the discourse of opposing these wars and an anti-war politics that stops war.

In the discussion that followed  Craig and Alex answered questions that led to some important discussion on the  issues facing the anti-war movement.

Audio recordings: 

Introduction - Nick Megoran

Alex Snowdon

Craig Jones

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