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Stop Arming Israel - Protest at Barclays Newcastle

On Saturday, November 29th, Newastle Stop the War teamed up with Newcastle PSC in a protest outside  Barclays Grainger Street to oppose Barclays arming of the Israeli  war industry Elbit.  Barclays invests in Elbit and profits form these investments when this company is involved in the whole military occupation of the West bank and Gaza and produces drones and other technology which are directly used against its civilian population and in its occupied territories. Most recently Elbit supplied the military in the summer attack on Gaza  which killed more than 2,000 Palestinians  including more than 500 children.

In footsteps of Laurie Lee for a free Palestine

On September 20th, 2014, John Tinmouth, aged 70, set out on a remarkable 440 mile walk for Free Palestine following in the footsteps of Laurie Lee who completed the same walk in 1935 before fighting against fascism in the Spanish civil war.  Read John's account of this remarkable trip: here

Public Meeting - Stop the Bombing of Iraq! Don't Attack Syria!

On Thursday October 9th, a  public meeting was held in the Central Library Newcastle, with a good attendance, to oppose the bombing of Iraq and the extension of the war into Syria.  The meeting was addressed by the Rev Andii Bowsher, co-Chair of Martin Luther King Peace Committee and chaplain at Northumbria University and Andrew Murray, Vice President Stop the War Coalition.  The meeting was chaired by Tony Dowling of Newcastle Stop the War. After the speeches there followed a question and answer session. Prominent in that discussion  was the question of rebuilding the anti-war movement and taking the anti-war stand into the General election next year to encourage people to vote for candidates that would end Britain's bombing of Iraq and military interventions in the Middle East and elsewhere. flyer
Listen to audio: Tony Dowling intro and speech of Andii Bowsher
Speech of Andrew Murray

Protest in Newcastle to Stop the Bombing of Iraq, and Oppose the  Attack on Syria!

Protest at Newcastle Monument with the new Stop the War banner

On Saturday October 4th, around 50 people from the region took part in a protest at the Monument, Newcastle to take a stand against the bombing of Iraq, the threat of the UK extending air strikes to Syria, and against any further open and covert military operations in these countries with troops, or other forces.  Whilst hundreds of leaflets were distributed speakers addressed the protest from Newcastle Stop the War, Newcastle Trades Union Council, the Campaign Against the Arms Trade and the Sunderland Peace Movement. The chair concluded by saying that; "Britain needs an anti-war government that ends its crimes against the peace throughout the world. No to the bombing of Iraq! No to an attack on Syria!"

Protest at Newcastle Monument Against Bombing of Iraq and Syria

On Thursday, September 25th Newcastle and South Tyneside Stop the War Coalitions held a protest, called at short notice at the Monument at 5.30pm giving out leaflets and talking to people. The protest was called at the same time as Stop the War's national protest in Downing Street because David Cameron, the Coalition Prime Minister, has recalled Parliament to get MPs to back his plan to join the US in carrying out bombing in Syria and Iraq.

The protest called on passers by to contact their MPs - via the Stop the War website and demand that they do not vote for any further military intervention in Iraq and Syria.  Britain will once again be carrying out direct military intervention in Iraq three years after its forces withdrew from Iraq and whilst its forces are still occupying Afghanistan. Isis now in Syria and Iraq is in part a product of the criminal and disastrous occupation of Iraq by the Western powers. Cameron and Obama want to use this as an excuse to get a consensus for military intervention in Iraq and Syria.  The US is already violating the sovereignty of Iraq and Syria with its bombing in those countries.

The supply of Western military equipment and the funding for these armed groups like ISIS must be stopped so that the people and countries of the Middle East can resolve these conflicts themselves without the interference from the big powers, who are  responsible for creating these conflicts in the first place. The protest demanded that Parliament reject Cameron’s plan for more war.  The people of Britain want an anti-war government that gives up its direct, and indirect military interventions abroad permanently. Newcastle Stop the War Coaliton made the announcement that it would plan its next steps pending the outcome of the recalled Parliamentary session on Friday.

No To Nato! Britain Out of Nato!

The Front of the March in Newport on Saturday August 30, 2014

On Saturday August 30, 2014 Newcastle Stop the War and Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign sent a coach of supporters to this demonstration against the NATO summit in Newport. NATO is being used as the military wing of the US and the EU to interfere in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. This dangerous military alliance, that has no international legitimacy, is being condemned by democratic and progressive people everywhere. People in Britain must hold the coalition government to account for the crimes that they are comitting in their support for interference in Syria, the expansion east to Ukraine and other countries trying to topple regimes and expand NATO into countries they have no business to be. Whilst these warmongers and meddlers in other countries affairs claim to be learning the lessons of World War 1 at the same time they are are creating the conditions by their actions for an even more destructive world war.
Digitial Film:

July 19 and 26 - Tens of thousands march in London to say, "Gaza, we will never forget you"
9 August 2014: The biggest ever UK demonstration for Gaza

Around a thousand people taking part in the Newcastle
demonstration and Rally on July 26th.

The march which was headed by a coffin draped in Palestinian flags passed along Northumberland Street and then ended with and hour long rally at the Monument. At the rally speaker after speaker condemned the Israeli state for its attack on Gaza and called for a united campaign to demand that the British government end its support for Israel and the killing of the people of Gaza. Speakers also gave their support to the right of the Palestinian people to resist and called on all to support their resistance and condemn the attempts to label the cause of the Palestinians as “terrorist”.

The keynote speaker, Yvonne Ridley, journalist and writer, condemned in particular the British government for not ending the supply of military equipment to the Israeli state which made Britain complicit in the genocide being carried out by Israel in Gaza. She condemned Israel for refusing to sign a peace with Hamas, the elected government of Gaza, because they justly demand the lifting of the siege on Gaza. She finally called on all to unite and support the justice of the cause of the people Palestine.

No to Nato military exercises in Ukraine
The petition the government tried to ban

Nato military exercises are due to take place in Ukraine in July. UK troops will be deployed as  part of Nato's Rapid Trident manoeuvres. This is a dangerous move that will inevitably  escalate an already tense situation. On the 7 May Stop the War, along with CND and a number of politicians and celebrities,  submitted a petition to the government's e-petition web site in order to initiate a debate in  parliament and bring a stop to this dangerous escalation. Three weeks passed and the  government refused to publish the petition, even when the Leader of the House of Commons'  office intervened on our behalf. Today we went to the press, contacting all the major news outlets. As soon as journalists began phoning the Ministry of Defence, the government backed  down and published the petition. Sign the petition the government tried to ban.

Let's collect 100,000 signatures and stop this dangerous escalation of war. No to Nato military exercises in Ukraine

Sign the e-petition:


The New Scramble for Africa

Hakim Adi and Kate Manzo speaking at the meeting

Newcastle Stop the War Coalition and the Newcastle University's Power/Space/Politics research cluster organised a very important public meeting in Newcastle on Monday May 12th, 2014 on the New Scramble for Africa. In the main intervention Dr Hakim Adi gave what was described as a fascinating talk about the scramble for Africa, new and old, but especially the new and as one person pointed out that the 40 people who came so clearly "had an appetite for making sense of this big dimension of contemporary imperialism in Africa."

Hakim's talk was not only a very thorough exposure of this new contention of the old imperialist powers with the new powers in Africa but particularly the massive crimes of the Anglo US and other EU powers are committing in using the scars that they created in Africa and among African nations and the millions killed, and continuing to be killed, to justify their further intervention. His talk highlighted the whole resistance of the African people to liberate themselves as the main factor to support with action here against our own government's military, political and economic intereference which protects the interests of its multi-nationals to exploit the African people and interfere in Africa's affairs.

Dr Kate Manzo response discussant then gave a short intervention elaborating her views on some questions including the the land grab by imperialism in Africa. There then followed a question and answer session in which a number of points made were further discussed and emphasised bringing to conclusion this important meeting for the anti-war movement.

Audio - Dr Hakim Adi main intervention (MP3)

Audio - Dr Kate Manzo response discussant (MP3)

Audio - Question and answer session (MP3)

Newcastle Meeting “No Glory in War”

Thursday March 20th 2014 was the date of this meeting in Newcastle University. 61 people from the Universities in Newcastle and Durham and people from the surrounding area took part. Dr Neil Faulkner and Dr Clive Barrett addressed the meeting opposing the disinformation on World War I and to affirm the lessons of the peace movement today. The speakers highlighted that between 1914 and 1918 military competition between opposing alliances of imperialist powers over colonial possessions and world domination erupted into a massive industrialised war. 15 million people were killed.

Alex Snowden then gave a moving tribute to Tony Benn, who was President of the Stop the War Coalition and who died a week before the meeting. Stop the War Coaliton Tribute
Meeting flyer

Newcastle Meeting
For A Future Without War

Lindsey German addressing the Newcastle meeting

On Thursday February 27th 2014, a public meeting entitled For a Future Without War took place in Newcastle in which around 25 people attended. The meeting took up the aims of the anti-war movement in the wake of last year's defeat of the government’s plan for an unprovoked military intervention on Syria and to stop all Britain’s military interventions and wars in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa and beyond. During the speeches and discussion the central question that was raised was what are the ideas, plans and vision to turn the situation around? The issue of turning the Syria vote into permanent change to stop the interventionist policy of Britain, ending the militarisation of the econony and society. It was also highlighted that the anti-war movement is the main force that unites the people against war and is itself a movement that needs to be taken further into government as an anti-war government. The meeting also raised the need to dismantle the dangerous NATO military alliance, which was intervening everywhere including now in Ukraine, and the need to do work to oppose the disinformation on World War I and to affirm the lessons and work together to build a future without war. The speakers were Lindsey German - Convenor of Stop the War Coalition, Clare Williams - Unison Northern Region and Nick Megoran - Martin Luther King Peace Committee. The meeting was chaired by Roger Nettleship. The meeting was organised by: Newcastle Stop the War, Unison Northern Region and Newcastle Universities Martin Luther King Peace Committee.

Audio - Question and Answer Session

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Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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