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Political Geography of Palestine

November 11th - This was a well attended meeting on Palestine organised by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Newcastle University Geography Department's Power, Space and Politics research group in Newcastle University. The speakers Councilor Dipu Ahad, Recently returned from Palestine and Dr Chris Harker, Lecturer in Human Geography gave moving accounts of a recent and ongoing visits and of the whole struggle of the Palestinian people since the Israeli state was created. The meeting was an important platform for ongoing support for the struggle of the Palestinian people and for ending the British government's continued support of Israel as a key aim in defeating the zionist state and its brutal occupation of Palestine.

No to the Warmongering of the British
Government under the Cloak of High Ideals!

Newcastle Stop the War Protest at the Monument August 29th whilst Parliament debated the government plan to attack Syria. Whilst Parliament voted not to attack Syria we must continue the fight to stay the hands of the warmongers who are not reconciled to this decision and fight for an anti-war government.

"Syria - No Military Intervention" 
Monday 2nd September 6.30pm, Muslim Welfare House
6 North Terrace, Claremont Rd Newcastle

National demonstration: No attack on Syria

National Demonstration:
assemble Saturday 31 August, 12 noon,
Temple Place, London (nearest tube Temple)
The national demonstration on Saturday will gather at Temple Place (near Temple tube) and march via Parliament and Downing Street, ending in central London for a political rally to say No attack on Syria.
Called by Stop the War and CND.

Newcastle Stop the War Coalition launches campaign and urges local MPs to oppose attack on Syria  

Newcastle Stop the War Coalition strongly opposes any military attack on Syria. We will be protesting and campaigning against any attack and demand that the British government listen to public opinion, as expressed in recent polls, and play no part in any such attack. We call on our local MPs to reflect the views of the people and voice opposition to this dangerous course of action.   

While we oppose all use of chemical weapons, the latest alleged such attack in Damascus should not be used as a pretext for a US-led bombing campaign. Such a devastating aerial assault will only exacerbate an already bloody civil war.  

It seems that David Cameron and William Hague have already made up their minds about this attack before it has even been reported on by UN weapons inspectors. They are demanding that `something must be done', but the record of `doing something' in Iraq and Afghanistan has been nothing short of catastrophic.  

There have been numerous western interventions in the Middle East and South Asia over the past 12 years. They have all increased  the levels of killing and misery for the ordinary people of those countries. The current government has learnt nothing from those mistakes. They are being backed by Tony Blair, the last person anyone should take advice from on matters of peace in the Middle East.  

Such an attack will have no basis in international law. Military intervention will make a solution to this complex civil war even more difficult and will be a direct violation of the agreements made at the recent G8 meeting to attempt to resolve this war by an International Conference

First National "Ground the Drones"
Demonstration at RAF Waddington

Lincolnshire UK April 27 - 2013. Stop the war activists from the North East took part in the first national "Ground the Drones" demonstration. It brought together the workers movement from Lincoln and stop the war groups from may parts of Britain to oppose these barbarous terrorist weapons that are being operated from the base at Waddington over Afghanistan and they further plan to take them to intervene in Africa as well. The demonstration brought together War on Want, CND, the Drone Campaign and Lincolnshire Trades Union Council who exposed the use of these weapons against the people of many countries and in the case of Israel and USA against their own people as well.
Rally to mark the 10th anniversary of the February 15th
London mass demonstration opposing the attack on Iraq


Photos:Lindsay German, Clare Williams, Tony Kempster,
Hazera Begum, Zeinab Raza and Roger Nettleship (chair)

The rally to mark the 10th anniversary of the London demonstration when 2 million people demonstrated against the attack on Iraq was held in the Civic Centre, Newcastle on February 15th 2013. Organised by the Martin Luther King Peace Committee, Unison Northern Region and Newcastle Stop the War. Over 60 people enjoyed a reception and buffet, a short film of the demonstration including the poem by Adrian Mitchell Tell me lies about Iraq and four speakers representing the peace movement, stop the war movement and trade union movement. Questions and comments were also contributed from the participants who also raised many points on furthering the work. At the end there was a cultural contribution of progressive rap from Zeinab Raza and an anti-war song from Tony Kempster who was also one of the speakers both of which were very well received.

The rally marked a new point in the anti-war movement in the north east. Learning from the experience of the last 12 years the movement is paying attention ot the unity and organisation across wide sections of the people and is further engaging with the trade union movement as their members face endless wars that effects themselves and their families especially in regions like the north east. The rally affirmed that this great movement against war is not going to stop and will continue to confront the present wars together with the aim of realising a future without war.

Lindsey German - audio Convenor, Stop the War Coalition
Clare Williams - audio
UNISON Northern Regional Convenor
Hazera Begum - audio
Former Head Sister for Muslim Students at Northumbria University
Tony Kempster -audio song
Vice President of the International Peace Bureau (Geneva) and Honorary General Secretary, Anglican Pacifist Fellowship
Zeinab Raza - rap
Roger Nettleship - audio Chair

Feb 15th demonstration film shown at rally

No Foreign Intervention in Mali!

 Join Stop the War

Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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