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Public Meeting

What next in the “war on terror”?

On Wednesday 24th October around 50 people attended this public meeting organised by by Newcastle Stop the War and Newcastle University's Power/Space/Politics. Alex Snowden from Newcastle Stop the War Coalition set the context and Dr Kyle Grayson - Senior lecturer in international politics spoke about the turn to drone warfare, a defining feature of on-going 'overseas contingency operations' in 'ungoverned spaces'. The meeting was chaired by Hazera Begum. Following the presentations there was a lively question and answer session.

Naming of the Dead Monument Newcastle

October 7th 2012 marks the 11th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Newcastle Stop the War Coalition marked this event on Saturday October 6th as part of international protests against the continuing carnage caused by the occupation of Afghanistan and to oppose the new threats of the NATO powers to intervene in Syria and attack Iran. Film of some highlights of the event embedded below.

TSWC Meeting - Drone warfare terrorising populations by remote control.

Photo: Getty Images

On Monday September 3 2012, Dr Tomasz Piersclonek presented his research in progress to the Tyneside Stop the War Coalition monthly meeting on what drones are, why they matter, and the death and destruction they cause. He gave insight into the criminal aims behind the US, Britain and Israel who are the only powers using drones to kill and maim and terrorise populations by remote control in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Palestine.

Listen to the presentation: pierscloneksep2012.mp3

Discussion Forum: Syria - No More Wars in the Middle East

On Thursday July 19th 2012, Newcastle Stop the War Coalition held a forum in Newcastle Bar Loco: Syria - No More Wars in the Middle East, which was attended by about 20 people.

Speaking at the forum was Gari Sullivan, who has reported for the The Wire Radio in Australia from Syria earlier this year. He showed some slides of his visit to Syria and asked people to think about the propaganda war, particularly by the BBC, calling for intervention on behalf of Britain and other western powers which is actually the real threat of unjust intervention and war.

Andrew Murray, Deputy President of Stop the War Coalition then spoke at some length about the context for the interference and threatened intervention by Britain and other powers in Syria elaborating it from the question of the the "Arab Spring" and the war on terror. In particular he elaborated the position of the anti-war movement in Britain and its work to oppose intervention by Britain and other powers and to uphold the right of the people of Syria and other countries to settle their own affairs without interference from outside.

A lot of interesting and sometimes challenging discussion followed which the speakers dealt with calmly. Then Gari Sullivan concluded his points by saying that the tragic deaths occurring in Syria on both sides could not justify people saying here that the conflict should not be resolved peacefully in favour of the Syrian people. Andrew Murray concluded by condemning Britain's role in supporting the civil war and the need for the anti-war movement to challenge the pro-war consensus at Westminster in order to oppose any further interventions against Syria, Iran and anywhere else.

Our thanks were given to the speakers and to Councillor Dipu Ahad who ably chaired the forum.

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May 19th Protest
Hands off Syria and Iran!
Troops Out of Afghanistan!
No Intervention in the Middle East!
Britain Out of NATO!

May 19th Hands off Syria and Iran, No to NATO

Newcastle Stop the War Coalition held a protest at the Monument on Saturday May 19th, 2012 to mark the international day of action with demonstrations in London and Chicago against the NATO conference in Chicago. The protests were to oppose the continued occupation of Afghanistan and the growing threats against Syria and Iran in recent weeks that have been backed up with increased sanctions. As we know from Iraq, these threats are a prelude to war, not an alternative to it. There are signs of covert intervention already in Iran, as there are in Syria. The protest opposed all covert and overt military intervention from the western powers in the region, for which there is absolutely no justification.

Newcastle Stop the War Coalition
Addresses May Day Rally

Roger Nettleship addressing May Day Rally

On Saturday, May 5th 2012, Newcastle Stop the War Coalition took part in the May Day March as several hundred workers and their families marched through Newcastle and held a Rally in Exhibition Park afterwards. Many people attended the Newcastle Stop the War Coalition stall at the front of the Marquee and NSWC convener Roger Nettleship gave a short intervention to the rally on the work of the anti-war movement.
May Day Rally Intervention

Saturday Vigil - Hands Off Syria and Iran!
Naming of the Dead in Afghanistan!

Introduction, reading of the names and tolling of the bell.

Newcastle ‘Naming the Dead’ vigil took place at Newcastle Monument on March 24th 2012, as more than 400 hundred British soldiers and 100,000s of Afghans have died as a result of the occupation of Afghanistan by NATO powers over 10 years. This action is part of Stop the War Coalition’s national day of action - and to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The action read aloud the names of 40 soldiers and 40 Afghans and how they were killed in Afghanistan as representative of this destruction of human life by the occupation. After each name a bell was tolled. This event also warned against further wars and bloodshed in the Middle East and to demand that the British government be brought to account for its crimes against peace and war crimes against the people of so many countries. These wars are “Not In Our Name!" one of the activists declared.

The protest demanded ‘Hands off Syria and Iran!’, opposing the sanctions and intervention which are not an alternative to war as they claim but are preparations for more illegal wars as with Iraq. Introducing the rally the chair spoke about the nearly one thousand British soldiers and over one million people killed by these wars in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. He said the anti-war movement is aimed at bringing the Coalition government to account for its pro-war stance towards Syria, Iran and other countries. Our contribution, he said, is to fight here for an anti-war government so that Britain stands for peace and stability in the world instead of war.

Don't Attack Iran! - Newcastle Monument
National Stop the War Day of Action

On Saturday, February 25th, the Tyneside Stop the War Coalition organised an action at the Monument as part of the national Stop the War Coalition day of action to oppose the British government's criminal warmongering stance towards Iran and to demand hands off Syria and Iran. Hundreds signed the petitions and people joined the protest to make it very clear that they area opposed to an attack on Iran by the USA, Britain and Israel, or any other power.

Photos: Newcastle Stop the War Coalition (RSN)

Don't Attack Iran - Stop the War public meeting in Newcastle

Hands Off Iran

A public meeting took place in Northumbria University on Thursday, 16 February 2012 to oppose the British government's criminal warmongering stance towards Iran. Nader Naderi a stop the war activist of Iranian origin, John Snowdon convenor of the Tyneside PSC and John Rees National Officer from Stop the War Coalition addressed the meeting and answered questions. Hazera Begum a post graduate chaired the meeting.

Nader Naderi- Nader Naderi - audio
John SnowdonJohn Snowdon - audio
John Rees John Rees - audio

UNISON Northern Region Council Passes Motion -The Alternative to War

On January 18th 2012, Unison Northern Region Council comprising Unison delegates from the public sector workers across the northern region passed a motion calling for co-operation with other trade unions, the TUC and with the Stop the War movement to promote and fight for the alternative to these wars.

Moving the motion Roger Nettleship delegate of Unison South Tyneside Health Branch pointed out to the delegates: "I like many unison members have been involved with the Tyneside stop the war coalition and like Unison is affiliated to the Stop the War Coalition our branch is affiliated to the local stop the war group. However, there is now increasing concern from members that their families are being more and more involved in these wars. And not only in Afghanistan that is one of the longest wars of occupation since the second world war where nearly 400 British soldiers, and tens of thousands of Afghan people killed." He continued that "it is prescient that trade union movement can and should bring better organisation and get involved to, not only support the anti-war movement end the current wars, but also to oppose further ones, with the threat to Syria and Iran and the danger that this brings us closer to a new world war. The British people and our members have been sold the lie that justifies these wars and the murdering of tens of thousands of people when every time there is an alternative to these wars." he said.

The motion will further enable the union in the region to further the discussion and recommendations in line with its policy that represent the interests of its members in promoting and fighting for the alternative to these wars.

Unison Northern Regional Council Motion

Don't Attack Iran - Stop the War public meeting in Newcastle

Thursday, 16 February 2012.
Where Room 204, Lipman Building, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne

'Stop the War: A Graphic History': Book launch

15 February at 19:00 at People's Bookshop..Durham

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Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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