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Afghanistan and the War on Terror - Ten Years On

Opening of the Meeting

On Wednesday October 5th Tyneside Stop the War held a successful public Meeting in the University of Newcastle -upon Tyne. Over 60 people, veterans from the 10 years of the stop the war coalition and youth and students from the community and from the Universities. The meeting marked 10 years of stop the war movement in Britain. We have posted the audio file of the two speakers and the concluding remarks of the chair Roger Nettleship. Click on the link to listen to the speakers. The meeting concluded with the showing of a new documentary on the stop the war movement, part 1 and part 2 with more to follow in the future. Meeting was Organised by Tyneside Stop the War and Newcastle University's Place/Space/Politics research cluster.
Lindsey German - National Convenor of Stop the War Coalition since 2001 Lindsay addresses the meeting - audio
Professor Stuart Elden - Durham University, author of award-winning book 'Terror and Territory: The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty' Stuart addresses the meeting - audio
PDF version of Paper of Professor Stuart Elden

Chair's concluding remarks

Monument Protest: Stop Bombing Libya!

Hands Off Libya Stall

On Monday evening, June 28th, 2011, Tyneside Stop the War Coalition organised a protest at the Monument demanding an end to the bombing of Libya. NATO's military effort, clearly and illegally designed to secure regime change, is not going well and killing many people and destroying Libya's infrasturcture. Its initial 90-day mandate ran out, and they are extending this illegal war against Libya by another three months.

Leaflet Stop the Bombing of Libya

Brian Haw, Peace Campaigner, Born 1949 - Died 18 June 2011

Brian Hawe

Brian Haw, world renowned peace activist, has died. His peace camp outside the British parliament throughout the ten years of the "war on terror" was a beacon for anti-war campaigners across the world.


Stop the bombing!
No military intervention in Libya!

A Public Meeting was held on May 9 2011 in Newcastle

The attack on Libya was condemend by the meeting and the mantra of the Western powers and NATO in bombing Libya in the name of “humanitarian support” opposed a big a lie

Although the UN resolution speaks of saving lives and bringing about a ceasefire the Anglo-French and US powers only speak about regime change, rubbishing the attempts of the African Union to broker a peaceful settlement and fanning the flames of the civil war whatever the cost in lives and the destruction of Libya.

The meeting demanded that the Anglo-French-US bombardment stops. A ceasefire and mediation are the only alternatives to their aim of regime change which will plunge Libya into chaos and further bloodshed.

Stop the bombing!
No military intervention in Libya!

May Day 2011

Roger Nettleship speaking on behalf of the Tyneside Stop the War Coalition at the May Day Rally in Exhibition Park on Saturday April 30th in which he gave Stop the War's condemnation of the British, French and US bombing and military intervention in Libya.
Speech in full

Emergency Protest End Britain's Involvement in Military Aggression Against Libya!

Hands Off Libya
Tony Dowling
Roger Nettleship, Alex Snowden and Tony Dowling Speaking at the Protest

Around 30 people attended an emergency protest which was organised by Tyneside Stop the War Coalition on Monday, March 21st at 5pm at the Monument to protest against the military intervention of Britain and big powers in Libya.

Roger Nettleship chairing and opening the protest said on March 19th, the international gangsters France, Britain and the US committed an act of war against Libya by launching over 100 missiles at Libya and seizing the assets of the Bank of Libya abroad. He explained that, as with Iraq and Afghanistan the war could not be legitimised under the UN charter even if being "legalised" by a minority vote in the UN when the majority of nations expressed their concerns at the action. He went on to say that Cameron was the new Blair and this shows even more the need to fight for an anti-war government in Britain that such a programme of the anti-war movement stood for peaceful resolution of conflicts between nations and within nations and nothing could justify the present attack on Libya and the pro-war consensus at Westminster.

Alex Snowden also speaking from Tyneside Stop the War Coalition said military intervention was not the way to bring democracy. Not through cruise missiles and B52s. What was crucial for the people of Libya is their self determination and that they control their own destiny and not having it taken away by the big western powers. It was hypocritical for Cameron, Obama and Clinton and so on to claim that they support popular uprisings as they also arm countries that suppress uprisings. He said look at history look at the so-called humanitarian interventions in Iraq and in Afghanistan they have been disastrous and the attack on Libya is not different if the big powers don't get what they want through airstrikes we could well see a ground invasion.

Tony Dowling of Tyneside Stop the War Coalition spoke saying that we have to be quite clear that our governments, the west, the United Nations have never gone to intervene in a country to actually help the people. They go in only for their own political and economic interests. He said that are saying we have to cut millions from public services but they are sending Cruise Missiles at a million pounds a time into Libya.

The chair then concluded by saying the aim of the anti-war movement isn't just to oppose each war as they launch it but also to create the conditions in Britain for an anti-war government that resolves international conflicts and conflicts within countries in a peaceful way. Everyone was called upon to oppose the military intervention in Libya and the Middle East.

Meeting Bring the Troops Home 'Say YES' End the war in Afghanistan

Joan Humpheys and Craig Hindson

A meeting of the Stop the War Coaltion on Tuesday March 15th was held to support the calls by Stop the War & Military Families Against the War to 'Bring the Troops Home' and 'Help end the war in Afghanistan'
Joan Humphreys, Military Families Against the War and Craig Hindson, ex-Royal Marine Author, "12 Steps Back From the Abyss - a war veteran's journey from depression to joy"spoke. They both gave moving and passionate accounts from their own experience. The meeting was chaired by Tony Dowling.
Listen to the speeches

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Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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