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Islamophobia and the Media

Yvonne Ridely Speaking
1.Yvonne Ridley Speaking 2. Hazera Begum Speaking

On Friday October 8th 2010 a varied audience of around 80 students and people from the community attended a public meeting on Islamophobia and the Media jointly organised by Tyneside Stop the War Coalition and hosted by the Politics, Militarism, Space Research Cluster of Newcastle University's school of Geography, Politics and Sociology 4 speakers addressed the meeting. Chaired by Tony Dowling the speakers were Dr Nick Megoran Lecturer in Human Geography, Hazera Begum former head sister for Muslim students at Northumbria University and supporter of Stop the War Coalition, Zeinab Raza, from InspireMe Islam, Newcastle and Yvonne Ridley, writer, campaigner and broadcaster.

Listen to the speeches (MP3):
Nick Megoran
Hazera Begum.
Zeinab Raza
Yvonne Ridley

Afghanistan: Time to Go Meeting

Questions and discussion with the speakers at the Public Meeting on Wednesday 15th of September 2010.
Listen to Hazera Begum

Tyneside Stop the War Coalition Reads the Names of the Dead at Newcastle Monument  

On Saturday June 26 Tyneside Stop the war War Coalition held a reading of the names of the dead at Newcastle Monument at 1pm. A number of activists from the Coalition on Tyneside and South Tyneside and the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign took part.   

That 66 British soldiers have been killed this year and unaccounted numbers of Afghans. The tragic occasion was marked by the reading of the names of all 307 (now 308) names of British soldiers and 300 Afghan names of those  killed by the NATO occupation  as representative of the over 30,000s murdered by the unjust occupation of Afghanistan.   

June 26th marked asArmed Forces Day  by the ruling elite in Britain was manipulated by the monopoly media to bolster their unjust war and justify the deaths.  The Stop the War Coalition, in opposition to this cynical manipulation,  supported the soldiers and the people of Britain in the best possible way by calling for the troops home now, to end this slaughter, cut the war and its massive cost and end the militarisation of the economy and the billions being spent on the war and Trident and oppose massive cuts being imposed on the people here.  Many people came up and signed the contact list of the Tyneside Stop the War Coalition.

Grey's Monument Protest in Newcastle Against the Criminal Israeli Attack on Gaza Freedom Flottilla

Gaza Flottilla Protest

After days in which the terrible news that 20 peace activists have been killed by the Israeli navy with others injured when they were part of the Freedom Flotilla taking aid to the beseiged people of Gaza, several hundred people gathered at the Monument Newcastle on Tuesday June 1st, 2010 to condemn the Israel's brutal killing of activists and show solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla Mission. The emergency protest organised by Tyneside Palestine Solidarity Campaign (TPS) and Tyneside Stop the War Coalition (TSWC) was chaired by Alex Snowden of the TPS. The Protest lasted an hour with speaker after speaker condemning the attack and also calling on the British government to condemn Israel and end its continued support for this criminal regime. Mahmoud Kurdi who had recently returned from the Viva Palestina convoy last year said that this was a desperate act by Israel because their criminal blockade was being broken and condemned world wide.

The protest ended with slogans in support of the Palestinan people and condemning Israel and its Anglo US backers. A beautiful and moving Palestinian poem was read out which had been written to condemn Israeli attack.

A Coach is now being organised for a National Emergency Protest in London on Saturday June 5th at 2pm.
Contact Tony for details: 07719946814

Anti-War Candidate Election Page

Letter to Joe Glenton

Newcastle Meeting Discusses Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine

Lindsay German Speakin at the Meeting

Tyneside Stop the War Coalition organised a public meeting of the coalition on Wednesday evening, February 10th 2010, at Newcastle University.  Chaired by Tony Dowling, who introduced the two speakers Lindsay German, national convenor, Stop the War and Mahmoud Kurdi,  president, Newcastle Muslim Association of Britain,  recently returned from the Viva Palestina convoy. The speakers brought the three topics to life emphasing the importance of the activities and actions of the stop the war movement and of the viva Palestina convoy in focusing the support of the people and stengthening their unity against the war in Afghanistan and to end the blockade of Gaza. There followed a number of questions and contributions to the discussion.

Mahmoud Kurdi speaking at the meeting

Photos: Rachel

Protest Vigil Against Tony Blair

Protest Vigil as Blair attends Chilcot

On Friday January 29th, a vigil took place at 5pm at Newcastle Monument as part of protests in London and other cities to mark the attendence of Tony Blair at the Chilcot enquiry. The convenor of TSWC gave and introduction in which he pointed out that the people had given their verdict on the Iraq war when 2 million demonstrated against the war in 2003. He said that the only just conclusion of this enquiry can be that never again should a government of Britain commit such war crimes against the people of the world, that the troops should be brought home from Afghanistan and all foreign soil. There should be an end to Britain's involvement in alliances with the US and NATO and that Britain should have an anti-war government that respects the sovereignty of other countries and resolves conflicts peacefully. He spoke of the consequense of the decisions of Tony Blair and his cabinet which had not been discussed as a crime against the peace in the enquiry. The convenor then called on those present to put theirquestions to Tony Blair and the protest vigil finished with the naming of the dead symbolic of the anti-war movement.

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For an Anti-War GovernmentNaming the dead

Photos: Rachel

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Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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