Reports 2008

Peace Vigils against the production and export of arms and jobs by BAE at the Scotswood plant took place on Thursday October 23 and Wednesday December 3rd. Leaflets were distributed to workers going into the plant.

Newcastle World Against War Rally 2008

Tyneside Stop the War 'World Against War' Rally on Thursday October 23 2008 with speakers: Hossam el Hamalawi, Egyptian Journalist & Activist, Sabba Jawad of Iraqi Democrats Against The War & Lindsay German of STWC. Tony Dowling of Tyneside Stop the War Coalition chaired the session.

Naming of the Dead

In June 2008 North East England Stop the War groups marked the death of 100 soldiers in Afghanistan at the Monument, Newcastle.

More than 20 people took part in the vigil and read out the names of 100 dead British Soldiers and 100 dead Afghans killed during the occupation.

The Chair of the Tyneside Stop the War Coalition, Roger Nettleship, spoke before the naming of the dead.

Roger said that when British soliders were sent to Afghanistan then Defence Secretary John Reid had said they were there for 'reconstruction' and 'would not fire a shot'.

He spoke about the hundred soldiers and thousands of Afghans killed since then, and the occupying forces do not even keep accounts of those they kill.

Stop the War Coalition has organised similar naming the dead ceremonies in many towns as and cities across Britain.

Manchester Demonstration Shows the Continuing Vitality of the Anti-War Movement (We dedicated this to Anti- War activist Julie Fowler who tragically died suddenly before the demonstration)

Manchester Demonstration Stop The Spread of War

Defend Artem
ManchesterDemonstation Defend Artem Newcastle College Student victimised for taking part in a protest against army recruitment on campus

On Saturday, September 20th thousands of people travelled to Manchester to take part in a mass protest to coincide with the start of Labour Party Conference to oppose the spread of war and to demand an end to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. The demonstration was aimed not just against the Labour Government but all of the big parties and against their pro war agenda. Slogans of No to NATO! and Stop the Warmongering! were carried by peace activists, military families, youth, minorities and Manchester and other trade unionists that took part on mass. Manchester Trades Council Banner was proudly carried with the slogan Unity Is Strength and A Better World Is Possible! The demonstation finished with a large rally at the end adddressed by a range of speakers finishing with Tony Benn President of the Stop the War Coalition. The Demonstration showed once again the continuing vitality of the anti-war movement.

A Coach went from Newcastle to take part in the demonstration organised by the Tyneside Stop the War Coalition. Participants on the coach dedicated this action and day to the memory of Julie Fowler, an activist of the Tyneside Stop the War Coalition, who suddenly passed away days before the demonstration and whilst working for the success of this important event.

South Tyneside Stop the War
Manchester Demonstration Troops Out of Iraq and Afghanistan

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Newcastle demonstration against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001

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