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Militarisation of Britain and the North of England
Updated: September 14 2020

Militarisation of Britain

NSW-0018 Britain selling arms to Saudi Arabia at unprecedented rate
NSW-0005  Artists Force Arms Monopoly to Withdraw from the "Great Exhibition of the North 2018"
NSW-0001  War’s Workshop: Exposing Britain’s War Industries  - AOAV
NSW-0002  How Britain has become a world leading manufacturer of the products of war  - AOAV

Britain's chemical & biologial weapons
B18-0040    Of A Type Developed By Liars
NSW-0004 The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam - Craig Murray
NSW-0003  UK to invest 48 million pounds in new chemical weapons defence center - Reuters

Privatised State and Military
NSW-0007 A Gangster State - Craig Murray